Claude Celli

Born 1969 in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg. Lives and works in BRUSSELS (B).


1991-1996 High School of Visual Art, La Cambre, BRUSSELS (B)
1986-1991 Art and craft school of Luxembourg (L)


2014 - Black Holes are Everywhere, Modulab Gallery, Metz (F)
2014 - Black Holes are Everywhere II, Palace Gallery, Ath (B)
2012 - In-Between, Galerie Graphies, BRUSSELS (B)
2007 - Interactions, ISELP, BRUSSELS (B)
2004 - Dimensions, Atelier 36 Gallery, CHARLEROI (B)
2002 - B/C2 Gallery, BETTEMBOURG (L)


2011 - Traces, Ancienne Fonderie Mertens, BRUSSELS (B)
2009 - 22° S - 50° N, Musée d'Art Contemporain, Campinas, Brésil
- 22° S - 50°, Musée des Beaux-Arts, Verviers (B)
2008 - Interactions 2, "Plastic", White Hotel, Bruxelles
2006 - Art Price, TOURNAI (B)
2005 - Médiatine Price, BRUSSELS
- GPOArt Gallery, BRUSSELS (B)
2001 - La tache d'argent Gallery, MONS (B)
- Art Center, Rouge Cloitre, BRUSSELS
2000 - Studio Circulaire, MONTREAL (QC)
- Félicien Rops Museum, NAMUR (B)
- 5th Triennale of Print Exhibition, Chamalières (F)
- Creations in Belgium, Museum in VANNES (F)
1999 - Center of prints, LA LOUVIERE (B)
- 12th Exhibition of Graphics, FRECHEN (D)
- Museum of Contemporary art of Quebec, QUEBEC
- 8th Prix International Senefelder, OFFENBACH (D)
- 9th International Biennial Print Exhibition, TAIWAN
1998 - 7th Triennial of Prints and Drawings, VAASA (FIN)
- International Graphic Triennal, SOFIA (BUL)
- International Lithography Symposium, TIDAHOLM (S)
- International Mini-Print Exhibit, BARCELONA (E)
- International Mini-PrintTriennial, TOKYO, (J)
1997 - 13e Triennale Xylon Internat., WINTERTHOUR (CH)
- Triangle Bleu Gallery, STAVELOT (B)
- Lithography : 1797-1997, LA LOUVIERE (B)
- The International Biennial of Graphic Art, LUBIN (PL)


1998 Constant Montald Price by the Royal Academy of Belgium
1997 Award winner of Prints and Graphics by the French community of Belgium


French Community of Belgium
Ministry of Culture and Outside Affairs from Luxembourg
Private collectors